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3 Reasons to Choose Marsh Buggies for your next project

One of the questions we get from contractors is why should we buy a Marsh Buggy. We thought we would help out with a few reasons.

1. You don’t have to buy

The number one misconception is that you have to lock up a lot of capital and purchase a Marsh Buggy. We offer leasing options, and in some cases, we can act as the contractor for whatever project you may be bidding on or considering. Don’t think that purchase is your only option.

2. Purchasing may be your best option

While buying is not required, if you do frequent work in wet challenging environments, or have a long-term project, purchasing may be your best option. In most cases, for these types of projects the equipment can pay for itself many times over.

3. Marsh Buggies can work in places no other machine can go.

As a company founded in South Louisiana, we understand that moving heavy equipment around in wet marshy environments can be quite an undertaking. Using barges, tug boats, and jack up rigs to move equipment around can get very costly in a short amount of time. With a Marsh Buggy, you can just put it in the water and go. Marsh Buggies float and can propel themselves across canals and rivers and small lakes. Whether your project is in the wetlands of Louisiana, the Volga Delta in Russia, or a man-made island project in Dubai, if you have to work in a marshy, swampy, or wet environment Marsh Buggies are the obvious choice.

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