Erosion Control

Erosion Control

The state of Louisiana has the unique and unfortunate problem of containing some of the world’s most beautiful and fragile wetlands along its coast. Annually, Louisiana loses approximately 75 square kilometers of coastline due to a variety of natural and man-made factors. Without these wetlands surrounding the coastal areas, the state becomes more vulnerable to devastating events such as hurricanes. The problem becomes more serious every day, but fortunately, enough Louisiana residents are stepping up to help build projects to contain the soil loss, a process known as erosion control.

Erosion control focuses on the process of controlling or preventing natural environmental erosion. Although most can agree that action needs to be taken to preserve the coast, few can agree on the best plan to handle the issue. Some have proposed plans to diminish the impact of erosion by introducing coastal restoration projects to build up soil reserves. Others have proposed new navigation channels to the area to prevent the churning of ship motors from ripping up the soil. However, these measures have been shown to drastically affect small communities mobility and the farming efforts of agricultural interests. Furthermore, these forms of erosion control affect the petroleum industry’s transportation channels which, in turn, could have potentially negative effects on the local economies of these smaller communities which rely on the petroleum companies business. Other solutions such as constructing sea- walls along the coast have also been proven to be too expensive, especially since the efficacy of these sea walls is still up for debate. Still, just because there is not a consensus on the perfect solution does not mean that there’s nothing to be done.

There have been some significant efforts made towards erosion control that locals can agree on. For example, the practice of seeding, or dropping large amounts of freshwater plant seeds using crop-dusters, has proven to replenish the coastal area and help it resist further erosion by reducing salinity. Other noteworthy attempts include the construction of land barriers and river diversions, though the success of these has been contested. Proposals like these could have some benefits in the long run, but they require some crucial machinery to make a difference.

Fortunately, Marsh Buggies provides all the equipment needed to take part in preserving the wetlands. Our custom equipment has the power and adaptability to produce quality results whether it includes replenishing a marsh area or reconstructing an entire waterway. The unique amphibious vehicles we build are perfect for shore repair on the land or in the Gulf. For an issue as pressing as soil erosion, it helps to have the advanced capabilities of an amphibious vehicle from Marsh Buggies Inc.  

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