Swamp Buggy

This ambitious compact cousin to the Marsh Buggy was designed with unique attributes for use in the swamps and is used primarily for the transportation of personnel and geophysical survey teams. The Swamp Buggy conquers and creates a right-of-way in its path. Few obstacles prevent proceeding on a straight course forward.

The Swamp Buggy is also fitted with a winch for pulling various equipment such as skid pontoons, swamp boats, and numerous other uses.

Model Number: SBHD-2008430
Gross Weight:
23,000 lbs.
Net Weight 20,000 lbs.
Maximum Payload 3,000 lbs.
Ground Pressure
1.60 TO 1.90 Lbs. Per. Sq. ft
Land: 6.0 M.P.H.
Water: 2.0 M.P.H.
Swamp & Marsh Buggies SBHD-2008430
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Overall Dimensions
22‚ Long X 8‚ Wide X 10‚ 6‚ High
Caterpillar Diesel
Model Number 6BTA5.9
Number of Cylinders 6
Displacement 359CU.IN
Horse Power 177 H.P. @ 2500 RPM
Oil Pressure, Gauge, Amp Gauge, Engine Temperature Gauge, Hobs Hour Meter, High Temperature and Low Oil Pressure Shutdown System, Hydraulic Pressure Gauge
Hydraulic Pumps
(2) Sauer Sundstrand Variable Displacement Pumps with Electric Controllers
Hydraulic Motors and Drive Line
(2) Sauer Sunstrand Variable Displacement Motors driven through a Planetary Speed Reducer
Travel Operation
Steering is accomplished by either stopping one track and rotating the other or by counter rotating one track forward and the other in reverse. All of this is obtained by only two control levers located at the Operators Station.
(2) 20′ Long X 30′ Wide X 4′ High pontoons constructed of Cord 10 Steel with 2 Track Runners Per Side
Track System
(2) Chain Strands per side of 4‚ Pitch Heavy Duty Marsh buggy Chain attached to Heavy Duty Forged Aluminum Alloy Track Cleats
*Excellent Maneuverability
*Hydrostatic Driven Track System
*15,000 lb. Hydraulic Winch