Custom Equipment

amphibious marsh vehicle with cargoBecause every project is unique and presents its own challenges, MBI also offers customized design and engineering services that can take the most conventional construction equipment and modify it for amphibious applications.

Marsh Buggies Inc. can manufacture an amphibious undercarriage for any excavator brand, from 7 metric tons to as large as 50 metric tons. Our designs can accommodate either a standard or extended-reach boom configuration for maximum flexibility.

Custom marsh equipment can be outfitted for payloads from 8000 to 80,000 lbs and outfitted with almost any attachment, including drill rigs, soil boring rigs, dump bodies, cranes, heliports, man lifts, crew quarter and much more.

Our experienced fabrication professionals are the best in the industry. With MBI’s depth of expertise, a multitude of options and our time-tested quality control program in place you can be assured delivery of a rugged, reliable machine that gets the job done right.

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