Marsh Buggy

Marsh Buggy

Marsh Buggy - Marsh Buggies, Inc. 6




Gross Weight:
140,000 lbs.
Net Weight:
75,500 lbs.
Maximum Payload:
65,500 lbs.

Overall Dimensions

41’ long x 21’ wide x 6’-10” high (Undercarriage Dimensions).

Amphibious, maneuverable, and ultimately adaptable, The Marsh Buggy is the most versatile machine in the swamp! Able to operate nimbly on land or in water, the ME-251444 offers a combination of strengths no other machine can match.

Equipped with a 15,000lb winch with 300’ of ½” cable and a roomy 14’x16’ deck, this machine can be customized to handle a large variety of projects. It is used extensively for soil boring, surveying and transporting a variety of personnel and equipment.

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