Marsh Buggies | The Amphibious Eponym

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Marsh Buggies | The Amphibious Eponym

It was marketing 101. An eponym. What all brands aspire to be. If you’re unaware, an eponymous brand occurs when the market refers to a specific product or service by a brand name. A prime example: When you ask for a Kleenex, what you’re really asking for is a tissue. Other eponyms include Q-tip, Google, and Xerox. “Hey, could you Google that for me?” The term you’re looking for is “search” but Google has become an eponym. Thus, the Marsh Buggy.

While technically speaking, Marsh Buggies is our brand of amphibious excavators, we find that a Marsh Buggy rolls off the tongue rather nicely. We’ve been making the best buggies since 69’ and we’re not stopping anytime soon. Because every project is unique and presents its own challenges, we offer customized design and engineering services that can take most conventional construction equipment and modify it for amphibious applications. We can manufacture an amphibious undercarriage for any brand of excavator, anywhere from as low as 7 metric tons to as big as 50.

Our custom equipment can be outfitted for payloads from 8000 to 80,000 pounds and outfitted with almost any attachment, including drill rigs, soil boring rigs, dump bodies, cranes, heliports, man lifts, crew quarter and much more. Whether you’re dredging, removing or rebuilding, we can make the right machine for the job.

Marsh Buggies makes the best marsh buggies. We think we’ve earned our spot as an eponym, but we let our work speak for itself. Contact us for your next job and see for yourself.

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