Staying Afloat in The Construction Industry

Staying Afloat in The Construction Industry

The biggest challenges faced during a remediation, demolition, restoration, or construction project located in the middle of a marshland is accessing the site. Contractors have to construct roads that lead to these areas for their machines to gain access but this requirement is costly. In the case of an environmental remediation project, all materials have to be removed and disposed of as hazardous waste. The building of temporary roads negatively impacts wetland environments and its’ inhabitants. There are many amphibious benefits in construction that have revolutionized the way that we build, repair and remodel.

Amphibious equipment can safely transport people and equipment to work locations over a terrain that is too soft to walk on and too dense to float. Many people believe that amphibious equipment is only useful in the south around the vast wetlands, but they are helpful for much more. Amphibious equipment can increase the safety of personnel because the wetlands are notorious for sinkholes, fluctuating water levels, and alligators. Amphibious equipment can provide stable work platforms for sand placement and capping operations.

Amphibious equipment is also the best option for environmental dredging. Dredging is often hindered by shallow water depths because excavators can easily get stuck. Because amphibious equipment can float, the operator does not have to worry about getting too close to the edge of the water. Amphibious equipment usually has wide tracks and a low weight which results in little ground pressure while bulldozers create deep track ruts.

Overall, you can avoid the unnecessarily high costs of installing temporary roads with the amphibious benefits in construction equipment. Marsh Buggies’ equipment is capable of accessing any location, and with our rental and contracting solutions, we are prepared to help you conquer any job. If you are looking for the right equipment for an upcoming project, come see why Marsh Buggies dominates the industry.

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