We All Float Here

We All Float Here

Here in Louisiana, we are prone to flooding. Amphibious architecture refers to buildings that sit on dry land like ordinary buildings, except when there is a flood in which case they are capable of rising and floating on the surface until the floodwater recedes. There is an intact buoyancy system beneath houses along the bayou that allows the houses to float in case of rising waters.

A buoyant foundation is a particular type of amphibious foundation that is specifically designed to be retrofitted to an existing house that is already slightly elevated off the ground and supported on short piers. This system consists of three basic elements: buoyancy blocks underneath the house, vertical guidance posts that prevent the house from going anywhere except up and down and a structural sub-frame that ties everything together.

In addition to the design of our very neighborhoods being somewhat amphibious, our construction must be amphibious too. Amphibious construction rentals, such as excavators, are designed to be used for dredging in shallow water and are better equipped with their pontoon undercarriages for operation in swamp/wetlands operations that tradition barge-mounted dredgers are not equipped to handle. The most common uses of amphibious construction equipment are:

Amphibious excavators have a variety of jobs that they can execute flawlessly:
Forestry work
Levee construction
Highway construction
Deepening of river delta basins
Oil exploration
Oil and gas piping installation.

Here at Marsh Buggies, we pride ourselves in having the best amphibious construction equipment around. In addition to having such reliable and efficient equipment, we also care about our customers and want to ensure that they aren’t hurt financially. We graciously offer amphibious construction rentals as well as contracting solutions to fit your budget and job description. Stay afloat with our custom built products that are designed to meet your specific needs and delivered on time.

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