An Inspiring Story for Excavator Operators

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An Inspiring Story for Excavator Operators

Excavator Operators, we have an inspiring story for you. It’s November and we have a lot to be thankful for here at Marsh Buggies. We are thankful for our clients and our supporters, for without them why would we even be here! We are also thankful for the great state of Louisiana and the people that make it special. Excavator operators have lots of things to be grateful for, and we have read one story that has warmed our hearts. It’s easy for us to take things for granted so often, so we wanted to share this story so that you can be thankful for something: your health.


The story of Tim Knutsen shows that no matter what happens, if you love something you can keep pushing through. It’s not uncommon for excavator operators to talk about how a machine can feel like an extension of their body. For Tim Knutsen, it has literally become an extension of his body. In a 2006 car accident, Knutsen became paralyzed from the waist down.


Wheelchair bound, Knutsen’s excavator is equipped with a hydraulic cab riser with two articulating booms, similar to a material handler. These booms can raise the cab as high as 11.5 feet, but can also bring it down to the ground to allow him to enter and exit with ease.


To start the excavator, Knutsen uses an ignition located in the excavators frame before lowering the cab to the ground. Once the cab is on the ground, he grabs a pair of handles and lifts himself onto the operators chair where a four-point safety belt keeps him safe.


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