Areas Affected By Hurricane Florence Need Amphibious Excavators

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Areas Affected By Hurricane Florence Need Amphibious Excavators

The areas affected by Hurricane Florence need Amphibious Excavators. Following Hurricane Florence’s September 14 landfall in Wilmington, North Carolina, emergency officials are bracing for record flooding and damage in the state, as well as throughout South Carolina, before the storm heads north where it is expected to cause more destruction.

With high winds and double-digit estimated rainfall amounts, disaster recovery work will take months before long-term rebuilding occurs.

In many cases, contractors have secured federal, state and local government contracts months or years in advance of hurricane season.

Unfortunately, the extent of the damage could result in more help needed.

Securing a Federal Contract

When it comes to getting a Federal Emergency Management Agency contract, your company first must be registered with the System for Award Management (SAM), which took over the functions of FEMA’s former Debris Removal Contractor Registry.

FEMA says its goal is to “seek local companies within the disaster area for goods and services related to a specific disaster when practical and feasible.”

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which is tasked with helping FEMA with debris removal in disasters, also requires contractors to be registered with SAM. It becomes involved if the damage and debris are so extensive that it exceeds local and state capabilities. The Corps was on the ground in North and South Carolina and in Virginia to provide emergency debris removal and other assistance as of September 13, according to FEMA.

Unfortunately you could wait of up to 30 days before your registration is activated with SAM. For this reason, you might want to seek other sources if you’re hoping to move quicker.

FEMA also suggests that contractors pursue state opportunities since federal grants to states “make up half an agency’s budget in some cases.”

In North Carolina, the top agency is the N.C. Emergency Management, which is under the state’s Department of Public Safety. The N.C. Department of Transportation is seeking contractors for such duties as hauling, including asphalt, clearing and grubbing, removal and demolition, pipe installation, debris removal, as well as possible bridge repair.

If you are an excavator operator and you would like to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, North Carolina definitely needs it! See the aftermath by clicking here. 



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