Attention Crawfish Lovers | Crawfish Boils in Louisiana

Crawfish Boils in Louisiana

Attention Crawfish Lovers | Crawfish Boils in Louisiana

It’s almost time for crawfish boils in Louisiana! Here in Louisiana, the season for wanting crawfish is never over. Right now, crawfish are expected to be much higher this season. Some retailers in the Lake Charles area say that they believe one of the biggest reasons for price increases in their market is demand from Texas. Other Louisiana producers say that large corporate orders are taking precedence over the needs of individual consumers. Regardless of the higher prices, they are expected to go down in the coming months. Let’s talk about the different ways we love to eat crawfish here in Louisiana.

Crawfish Boils

Everyone loves a crawfish boil and they vary everywhere you go! Some people prefer it spicier while some add anything from oranges and pineapples to the pot. Regardless, you must have your basic potatoes, corn cobs, and garlic in the pot!


Crawfish Etouffee

Etouffee is a dish found in both Cajun and Creole cuisine typically served over rice. This dish also employs a culinary technique called smothering, a popular method of cooking in Louisiana. With the acidity of tomato sauce and the taste of fresh crawfish, everyone will love this dish! Check out this recipe here.


Crawfish Pasta

Everyone knows that Louisiana has a large italian population and we have the food to prove it. From Crawfish fettucini to Crawfish and sausage penne pasta, there are tons of ways to throw our beloved mudbugs into pasta dishes.

In order for us to still have the ability to enjoy delicious crawfish, the marsh must be saved. Here at Marsh Buggies, we care deeply about our Marshes! To learn more about our efforts to help preserve the marsh, click here.


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