Coastal Restoration Plans for 2018

coastal restoration plans

Coastal Restoration Plans for 2018

Have you heard about the coastal restoration plans for 2018? The 2017 rewrite of Louisiana’s $50 billion, 50-year plan for coastal restoration and hurricane storm surge protection, and the $644 million budget for its fiscal 2018 projects were both approved this year. These bills are necessary to ensure that Louisiana’s coast remains to thrive and provide jobs, protection, and homes to citizens and natural inhabitants. Completion of what this plan entails will add and maintain 802 square miles of coastal land and wetlands. This plan also will raise homes and flood-proof businesses which expects to reduce annual flood damages by $8.3 billion by 2067.

A major portion of the money coming to the state is from the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil disaster. The fiscal 2018 annual plan relies largely on the same money, but the state is investigating ways of borrowing money by bond issues and paying off the debt with the fine revenue, to jump-start construction of projects.  Under the federal Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act, the state expects as much as $140 million a year where more than 35 percent would be distributed to Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas. This plan will continue the work of the CPRA and contribute to the sustainability of our coast and the natural resources for the people who depend on it.

In 2018, the annual plan includes:

$371 million for construction

$122.8 million for engineering and design

$97.3 million for operation, maintenance, monitoring

$33.2 million for operating costs

$31.9 million ongoing programs and initiatives

$6.7 million for planning.

2017 was a tough year for mother nature in Louisiana and the Gulf area, but compared to years past, we were all incredibly lucky. 2018 is looking like a great year to repair and restore, and Marsh Buggies Inc couldn’t be happier. From all of us here at Marsh Buggies, we hope that you have a wonderful New Year. Here’s to our wonderful coast and an awesome New Year!

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