The Coastal Wetland Crisis

The Coastal Wetland Crisis

It’s time to talk more about the Coastal Wetland Crisis. If you’ve been outside lately you know that it is abnormally hot for Louisiana. Wildfowlers have long been obsessed with the weather. Nothing has more impact on the fortunes of duck hunters than ice, open water and wind. Scientists have proven that Earth’s climate has fluctuated markedly over the millennia. Whole continents have moved, and the seas changed with them. Glaciers have come and gone. Droughts and floods have come and gone.

Although we can’t see the big picture yet, it is evident that the continent is likely to change in the years ahead. Coastal marshes are likely to lose birds as the wetland losses mount. Warmer winters will mean that birds will have to migrate long distances. This means bad news for hunters who enjoy duck hunting in Louisiana.

In addition, higher temperatures and less rainfall means that evaporation increases. This amplifies the chances for drought in the region, water availability and soil moisture decline, and this can cause more intense hurricanes. Louisiana’s Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority are crafting a 2012 Coastal Master Plan that will be used to guide future spending.

As for agriculture, changing rainfall patterns, higher temperatures in warm seasons and colder weather in cool seasons and more tropical storms will affect crops and livestock. All of this may sound like scare tactics, but it’s important to know when so many of us rely on our land to simply live. Many people have to come together in order to save the wetlands. That is why Marsh Buggies and Ducks Unlimited completed the Bayou L’Ours Terracing Project in 2016. Our equipment can complete any task, even tackling out coastal wetlands during this crisis.

Marsh Buggies, Inc. understands the need for flexibility and versatility in today’s marketplace. That’s why we offer the services of an experienced design and engineering team who can take most conventional construction equipment and modify it with amphibious applications to meet specific project needs.

We have the ability to manufacture amphibious undercarriages for any excavator brand up to 50 metric tons with either standard or extended-reach boom configurations. Our cargo carriers have robust payload capabilities, ranging from 2000-22,000 lbs. We can outfit our cargo carriers with almost any add-on, including cranes, fuel tanks, heliports, drill rigs, man lifts, soil boring rigs, dump bodies, water tanks, housing and much more!


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  • Marsha Wiggins
    Posted at 13:46h, 22 May Reply

    Thank you Marsh Buggies! I think this is the earliest heat that I’ve experienced in a while! YIKES. Thank God we got some rain recently. But I bet my people out in New Orleans weren’t so happy about all of the rain ….FIX THE PUMPS

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