Dredging Tools and the State of Louisiana

Dredging Tools and the State of Louisiana

In a coastal state like Louisiana, the process of dredging plays a significant role in everyday life. Without its role in clearing water navigation paths and replenishing beaches, the state could not maintain its fishing-based economy or its protections against future storms. Based on this, more than a dozen different business earn a surprising profit by merely providing the tools to make the process possible. Like any major excavation project, a lot of moving parts are required to practice dredging.

Ultimately, most dredging tools need to serve the purpose of gathering sediment, water, or anything in a shallow, freshwater area. For that purpose, many vessels used in the process include a hydraulic pump for energy, a barge for structure, and some form of device for recovery whether it be through scooping or suction. Of course, each dredging vessel should also be equipped for underwater activity which could include the need for a cutting device or leveler. Though these are a few of the requirements a waterway clearing vessel needs to complete its goal, the result in putting these tools together can create radically different structures. While some can be portable, operated by two people, others can be the size of an average football field.

Fortunately, depending on the setting, a person or company can customize a dredge for the most efficient process. Dozens of different vessels exist on the market to provide alternative methods of emptying the waterways. Suction dredging tools use large suction tubes to gather sediments and other materials from sea bottoms while bucket dredges carry the materials mechanically. In Louisiana, there is even a dredging device used to fish or gather oysters. As far as choosing a particular dredging device, there is no shortage of businesses willing to offer some expertise to help create a more efficient project.

With its many benefits to the coastal region, dredging remains an ongoing process in the state of Louisiana. To learn more about our vehicles, tools, and other devices, contact Marsh Buggies at 504-394-5050 or visit them online at marshbuggies.com.

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