Why Excavator Maintenance is Important

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Why Excavator Maintenance is Important

Contracting equipment can be a complicated process. Here at Marsh Buggies, we leave the complications in the dust. We include a 20000-hour service plan and a one year warranty with every purchase. You can be confident in your excavator or buggy’s reliability on any job with our comprehensive protection.

Our Marsh Excavator service plan includes scheduling a Caterpillar mechanic, or certified mechanic of the mounted brand, to perform onsite service. One of the most important parts of an excavator is the undercarriage. The undercarriage of tracked heavy equipment consists of many moving components that need to be maintained for them to function properly. Without routine inspection and maintenance, you can spend valuable time, money, all while decreasing the track’s lifespan.

Here at Marsh Buggies, when you are contracting equipment, we make sure we do the following to keep your excavator in tip-top shape.

Keep the Undercarriage Clean
If this step is ignored in maintenance, it could lead to undercarriage buildup, and this will accelerate premature wear on components.

Routinely Inspect the Undercarriage
It is important to complete a full undercarriage inspection for excessive or uneven wear, as well as look for damaged or missing components. The following elements should be inspected on a routine basis:

Drive motor

Drive sprockets

Main idlers and rollers

Rock guards

Track bolts

Track shoes

Track chains

Track tension

Maintaining Proper Track Tensions
When your excavators are working in soft, wet, and muddy conditions like in Louisiana: It is recommended to run the tracks slightly looser. Here at Marsh Buggies, we make sure you have the proper tension to ensure the tracks don’t wear down.

If you are considering contracting equipment, we have the best equipment in Louisiana! We have exceeded our client’s expectations time and time again and can’t wait to add you to that long list.

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