Why Floating Excavators Are Amazing

floating excavators

Why Floating Excavators Are Amazing

Nothing beats the versatility of the amphibious undercarriage for floating excavators when working in swamps, marshes, and other wet environments. Amphibious excavators are a type of excavator that is outfitted with sealed pontoons that allows it to perform dredging while afloat in shallow waters. The pontoons are constructed from high tensile steel and are corrosion and seawater resistant.


The noticeable main features of the amphibious undercarriage are the fact that it can provide buoyancy through hermetically sealed pontoons. The movement is accomplished through the track chain which uses a multi-synchronous hydraulic drive system. The track chain also helps aid with flotation and provides a higher level of tractive efficiency and stability over various soil conditions.


Common sense suggests that amphibious equipment is only useful in the south around the vast wetlands, but this is not true! Projects around oceans, river beds, and recently flooded areas can utilize amphibious equipment and it is also cost-effective. Amphibious equipment can efficiently perform in a wide array of applications including flood and disaster recovery efforts, environmental remediation, dredging, laying pipelines, highway construction, and levee construction. However, this equipment is the most useful for dredging. Dredging is often hindering by shallow water depths because excavators can quickly get stuck or have a limited range.

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