Marsh Buggies and Ducks Unlimited Protecting Wetlands

Marsh Buggies and Ducks Unlimited are working together to protect vital duck habitatAll across the prairie pothole region of the Midwest and Canada, winter has settled in for the duration. No matter what Punxsutawney Phil does the snow and ice will remain in the area for the next several weeks. Among that snow and ice, there are little pockets of water being used by wildlife for drinking water and providing habitat for geese and ducks.
The prairie pothole region is responsible for supporting more than 50% of North America’s migratory waterfowl and is one of North America’s most important areas for duck reproduction.
Much of this area is being drained for agriculture or threatened by development, and valuable habitat is being lost at an unsustainable pace. Organizations like Ducks Unlimited are working to permanently protect almost 600,000 acres of the most productive remaining waterfowl habitat in the US and Canada.
In some cases, areas that were once prime habitat have to be restored, and an excellent tool for restoring these habitats is the Marsh Buggy. The state-of-the-art amphibious equipment we manufacture is unmatched in its ability to work in wet conditions. The wide tracks on our vehicles do minimal damage to the topsoil and prevent compacting of fertile alluvial deposits. This means that area can be seeded with native prairie and wetland grasses with little to no additional preparation. This makes restoration projects come online faster and under budget, or allows the budget to be spread over a larger area protecting even more vital waterfowl habitat.
Marsh Buggies is proud of the work we do with Ducks Unlimited, and we are committed to providing the tools necessary to protect critical wetlands environments across the globe.

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