Marsh Buggies For Sale

marsh buggies

Marsh Buggies For Sale

A gnat buzzes by your ear for the 500th time. You can hear leaves rustle in the distance as some large animal works its way through the underbrush. The sun is beating down through the leaves and as sweat beads on your forehead, the unmistakable sound of an engine dying cracks through the stale air like a clap of thunder. Working construction jobs in or near water can be an incredibly challenging task, especially when your equipment isn’t up to the task at hand. Too many times we’ve seen excavators tip over, get stuck or sunk in the mud or simply die under the more strenuous conditions created by working in a wetland environment. Fortunately for you and your business, we have the highest quality Marsh Buggies for sale.

Marsh Buggies is the amphibious eponym. We are proud to have our name become so synonymous with our work that other companies refer to their amphibious vehicles as Marsh Buggies as well. Being the originator of the name for our product isn’t our only source of pride though. We firmly believe that our vehicles offer better functionality, reliability, and value than those of other competitors. From cargo transport to excavation, our platforms can be modified to fit almost any need and task. Our cargo carriers have robust payload capabilities, ranging from 2000-22,000 lbs. We can outfit our cargo carriers with almost any add-on, including cranes, fuel tanks, heliports, drill rigs, man lifts, soil boring rigs, dump bodies, water tanks, housing and much more!

When you are working on a construction project that requires the use of amphibious vehicles the last thing you can afford to deal with is an equipment failure. Why take a chance on other brands of amphibious vehicle when Marsh Buggies offer best in class reliability with nearly unlimited customization options to fit the vehicle to your needs? When you’re looking to get your project off the ground, or off the water, contact us and ask about our Marsh Buggies for sale!

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