Take A Walk On The Wild Side: Explore A Swamp Tour This Memorial Day

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Take A Walk On The Wild Side: Explore A Swamp Tour This Memorial Day

Memorial Day is considered to be the start of summer for many people. Many families head out to celebrate on the beach. Some celebrate with cookouts by the pool. But if you’re looking for something different to do the upcoming holiday weekend, why not consider a swamp tour?

Southeastern Louisiana is home to so many beautiful and pristine swamps and bayous. In those swamps, animals of all shapes and sizes thrive. Wild boars, raccoons, snakes, herons, and, of course, alligators are just a few examples of the diverse wildlife you could catch a glimpse of on a swamp tour. Memorial Day weekend is usually pretty warm here in southeastern Louisiana, making it perfect weather to draw the out the wildlife and create an opportunity for you to see them.

A swamp tour is a fun and exciting way to see a different ecosystem, but they do have educational benefits as well. The tour guides on most tours are incredibly knowledgeable about the areas they are showing. Many point out things about the wildlife, including what they eat, their sleep habits, etc. Tour guides will also identify the many different types of foliage and their impact on the swamp environment. For instance, cypress trees are beneficial for soaking up floodwaters and preventing erosion.

Now there are many options when it comes to choosing a swamp tour. Are you looking for something exciting, like an air boat ride? Maybe something that’s a little more traditional like, a swamp boat? Or maybe you prefer something a little more low-key & ecologically friendly, like a kayak tour? Whatever your preference, there’s a swamp tour close-by for you and your family to enjoy on Memorial Day weekend.

Here at Marsh Buggies, we are about much more than excavation. We are committed to the conservation of southeastern Louisiana’s swamps and wetlands. To learn more about our conservation efforts, visit our website today.

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