The Pumpkins in The Water: Louisiana Marsh Redfish

louisiana marsh redfish

The Pumpkins in The Water: Louisiana Marsh Redfish

The holidays are approaching and we are so excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Your mind may already be on what will be on the menu for thanksgiving including duck, goose or turkey along with pork and ham. Alongside these delicious meats will be the side dishes such as sweet potato casserole, cornbread dressing, corn machoux, peas and various breads.  The Holidays of course always bring pumpkins to mind whether it be through decoration, or pumpkin pie. However, there’s another pumpkin that comes to mind: the fish that roams the marsh waters of Louisiana.

Redfish are often known as pumpkins. Known officially as Sciaenops Ocellatus, now is the time to know them as pumpkins. Beginning in the fall, we observe clearer water in lakes, canals and bayous. When this happens, fly fisherman flock to the water and fish come about to feed. A fly can actually draw attention from fish from several feet away.

Unfortunately when clearer water is present, there’s a tendency for new flyfishers to spot a fish and lose composure. This is known as red fever. The result is way off target fishing. Instead of casting at the fish, determine the direction in which the fish is moving. Make sure you case 8 to 10 feet ahead of the fish and slightly past the target.

It is extremely important to take care of our marshes here in Louisiana and Marsh Buggies cares deeply about that. Saving and restoring Louisiana’s vanishing coastal ecoystem is extremely important to the entire nation. Save Coastal Louisiana, and you save 37 percent of all the coastal marshes in the continental United States. It is considered a national emergency and Hurricanes such as Katrina and Rita demonstrated how important coastal infrastructure is to the preservation of human life. There are many ways to help aid the Louisiana Marsh, but the first step is recognizing the problem. This holiday season, we hope every time you see a pumpkin, you think of the redfish and the beautiful Louisiana Marsh.


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